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Get ready to RELAX it's time to get your own signature night in well under way. The Kandi Skin pamper packs will get you ready for your big night in to indulge yourself in all things pamper. You'll have a Elton shower whip to wash the blues away, constelation bathbomb to soothe the soul and a Sobriety face mask to detox your sins.

Directions for use

1. Turn off your phone.
2. Run a bath and pop a bath bomb in when full. (Dance around, meditate or read in the meantime)
3. Place a facemask on cleansed skin and pull your hair off your face.
4. Get naked and use your wonderful shower whip to wash, lather and even as a shaving cream


120g Bath Bomb

100g shower whip

1x Facemask (50g)

1 Pamper party headband